How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner? A Texas Tech Explains


The general consensus among HVAC professionals is that customers should service their air conditioners once a year. Americans who live in cooler climates may have some leeway in this regard. But this is Texas. And Texas summers are rough on ACs.

Now, you may be wondering if that annual service visit is a claim you can hang your hat on. We’re here to convince you that it is. So this blog is going to share some important facts about AC tune-ups and maintenance, including:

  • Why annual AC service should be the norm
  • The benefits of annual maintenance
  • How to make scheduling maintenance as simple as possible

We’ll go over each of these topics in more detail below. Alternatively, you can schedule an AC tune-up visit with Reliable Air right now. Not only do we offer 21-point AC inspections, we also have San Marcos’ most comprehensive AC maintenance package.

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Why an annual AC check-up should be the norm

Summertime is brutal on air conditioners, especially in the southwest. That’s why most professionals suggest one annual AC check-in (completed in the spring ideally) to ensure your air conditioner will make it through the hottest months of the year.

Seasonality is the most important consideration here. In the spring, your AC is just coming back to life after months of inactivity. That dormant period can spell trouble for an AC. In that time, dust has settled on and inside the unit and critical parts haven’t operated in months.

If homeowners want to avoid a potential breakdown or expensive repairs, it’s important to address any issues as early as possible. That brief seasonal window when your AC is just starting to turn on again is the best time to identify concerns and address them before they become expensive repairs or even full blown system replacements.

What are the benefits of annual maintenance

Annual AC service visits provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Fewer unexpected repairs: AC tune-ups help prevent unexpected repairs and system breakdowns throughout the year. Even if your service tech recommends a repair during the process, it’s still a repair you can make on your terms, rather than when it becomes necessary in the middle of summer.
  • Lower utility bills: A clean AC system is going to run more efficiently than a dirty one that has leaves, twigs and dirt clogging it up. And that can have a positive impact on how much energy they’re spending to cool your home.
  • Longer time between replacements: AC systems which are regularly maintained can last 15+ years. Systems that aren’t maintained will likely be replaced around 10 years. Pushing back replacements could save you thousands of dollars in the long term.
  • Greater comfort during the summer: Just one tune-up a year is enough to ensure your AC system can provide steady, precise cooling throughout the entire home, rather than producing hot and cold spots.
  • Keeps parts warranties valid: Most AC manufacturers void your manufacturer’s warranty if system maintenance isn’t performed annually by a professional. That parts warranty could save you a lot of money on repairs, so it’s important to keep it renewed as long as possible.

How to make scheduling AC maintenance as simple as possible

Most contractors offer quick single-visit AC tune-ups. These system checks cover the basics and can help prepare your system for the summertime. The problem? You have to call and request one. And it’s easy to forget to do it.

The best way to schedule annual maintenance is to join a maintenance program. That way, those tune-ups are scheduled months in advance. And there are a host of other benefits associated with maintenance programs, including:

  • No premium charges
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Priority service
  • Extended labor warranties

Reliable Air’s VIP Maintenance Program, for instance, offers all of the above benefits. Plus, we provide not just one, but two maintenance inspections per year. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take the frustration out of maintaining their AC systems.

Plus, we make the scheduling process super simple by calling you to remind you of your upcoming AC maintenance needs and we’ll even schedule your maintenance visit during that same phone call for a day and time that’s convenient for you.

Need maintenance or a quick AC tune-up? Reliable Air is here for you

Reliable Air makes it easy to maintain your AC system, either with a quick tune-up visit or our VIP Maintenance Program. If summer is coming and your air conditioner could use some love, give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

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